5 newborn wrapping techniques with Victoria Burcusel

5 newborn wrapping techniques with Victoria Burcusel

Having a great understanding of how to wrap a baby confidentially in a newborn photo session makes a huge difference to your success in this genre of photography. We all know that a wrapped baby that feels safe and secure is generally a calm one. When we are trying to capture a gallery of beautiful images in a short period of time, the more strategies we have up our sleeve to keep our little models happy, the better.

This video with Victoria from Little Stories Photography will help you take your wrapping techniques to the next level. It definitely helps to have a wide variety of strategies and ideas available to you so that you can create a stunning and varied gallery for your clients. It’s also helpful when you have the confidence and skills to be able to adjust to suit each baby’s needs, particularly when they are and unsettled or things are not going to plan!

Victoria talks through all of the best types of wraps to use in a newborn photography session in order to achieve a variety of different looks and styles. Watch as she explains all of the different material types and gives advice regarding size, texture and material composition. 

It’s important to know the difference between the types of wraps that work best in a number of scenarios. Some are great for more decorative styles while others are better suited to secure baby so that that they are safe and settled. In order to improve your workflow and transition easily between setups, there is a specific layering technique that you might like to try. It’s certainly helps you move through each type of image quickly and efficiently, whilst also changing the overall look each time.

You will love all of the little tricks and tips that Victoria works through with you in this video. There are some simple adjustments that you can make that will turn a basic wrapping technique into something clever and aesthetically pleasing. There’s also a number of small items that you might like to have available in your studio that will help secure wraps, add decorative features and improve your overall shaping so that there is less to do in post production.

It can get hard to know what to do with all of those little arms and legs and exactly how to finish wraps so that they look neat and tidy in your photographs. Victoria talks through five different techniques in this module and shows you how to incorporate them into different props for the best possible overall look.

Of course, it’s imperative to think about safety when wrapping a newborn and it is great to be reminded of the best ways to take care of your little models. 

You’ll takeaway a lot of new skills and some great tips from this video that will help you to move forward confidently with your newborn wrapping.

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