A comprehensive look at studio light maternity photography with Deb Muir Photography

A comprehensive look at studio light maternity photography with Deb Muir Photography

This course by Deb Muir Photography is a comprehensive and detailed look into the art of maternity photography that will arm you with a number of new techniques and tips to help take your work in this genre to the next level.

Deb speaks in depth throughout her presentation about how to prepare and run a maternity session involving children in a Covid Safe way – from pre-session setup, best practice interacting with her clients, studio layout to improve social distancing and studio cleaning.

This lesson is a fantastic example of what a maternity session looks like from beginning to end, featuring a number of Belly Baby Wear gowns and setups.

Deb shows us in detail how she transitions through a variety of poses:

Mum sitting

Mum standing

All poses with Dad

Mum plus daughter

Family of three

Individual daughter portraits

Backlighting and more

You will be amazed at how many different looks she can achieve as she guides her mum-to-be through a number of different poses. An arm change here, a bit of movement there, face this way, look that way. Every adjustment provides the photographer with another gorgeous capture.

Deb pauses at a number of stages of the presentation to discuss her equipment choices, camera settings and props. She works through the best brands and vendors and takes the time to fully explain her studio setup and lighting choices. If you wanted to know more about backdrops, you’ll also be able to see a number of different products setup and dismantled in real time to decide what would work best in your space. From stunning floral designs, to textures and a freestanding frame.

Deb styles her setups to capture a number of different looks using Belly Baby Wear gowns – from deep and shadowy vibes to bright and colourful, glamorous, classic and a touch of boho. You’ll pickup some very handy tips to help get those amazing flowy fabric looks and epic wind-blown hair moments.

It’s great watching Deb interact with her clients. Watch how she makes them feel at ease when they arrive, relax into poses, settle into more natural positions and connect with each other so that her captures don’t look forced or uncomfortable. She also talks through her full maternity session workflow including an older sibling and uses beautiful techniques to keep them engaged, excited and cooperative.

If you have been considering adding a Belly Baby Wear gown to your collection, you can see the following pieces in use during this session:

The Shimmer Luxury Gown in gold

Irina Gown

Willow Gown

Secret Garden Gown

Destiny Gown

Angel Mama Gown

Calla Gown

Gwen Gown

Watching Deb work with the fabrics in these dresses will definitely help you with your purchase decision.

There really is so much to gather from this comprehensive lesson. The difference between mini and full maternity sessions. Bouncing light. Shutter speeds. ISO. Positioning arms and legs for flattering shapes in your images. Lighting an image with multiple faces. The list goes on! Deb is even an experienced midwife and she discusses some critical care tips for your expectant mamas and their families. How to listen to your clients to ensure safety and comfort.

Just when you think she couldn’t possibly teach you any more, Deb rounds out her session with a discussion about studio setup and wall art sales. She speaks openly about her suppliers, preferred product types and the value of having them on display to help with the sales process.

This class really is a look into absolutely every element of maternity photography and the takeaways are so truly valuable. You’ll soon have your clients swishing, swirling and swooshing Deb Muir style and you will never, ever forget to ask the next Dad who visits your studio to remove his socks! Crucial life lessons for every portrait photographer.

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