A look inside our first issue

Natalie Grounds

It’s almost here!

Three months of countless hours compiling this beautiful magazine... (or should i say, book) for your inspiration and education.

Your just going to LOVE IT!

(Keep reading, you'll get to see the entire magazine soon)

I have just now, uploaded the magazine to Momento Pro for printing. (Squeal) so excited!

Yes, Australian photographers, printed by an Australian business. Keeping it Aussie through and through.

Come mid February, the magazine will be ready.

You can pre-order your copy today HERE

By purchasing a copy, you ensure that we can continue celebrating our Australian photographers, and create our next issue - The Newborn Issue. That I hope to have out by July 2020.

I would love to keep producing these magazines for you, not only for inspiration and education, but also for our Australian Photographers to show your potential clients, that you have been published!

Thank you to all the amazing contributors:

(in order of appearance)

Deb Muir

Ana Brandt

Sally Dunwell

Natalie Bumpstead

Cindy Marshall

Brooke Duley

Natalie Grounds

Kymberley Johnson

Candice King

Emma Baker

Victoria Burcusel

Connie Lawson

April Spiessl

Kylie Winder

Jodie Andrews

Kirsty Faulkner

Rachel Taylor

Natarsha March

Setina Dale

Kylie Williams

Mona George

Nina Austin

Tonya Waite-Jozwiak

Lauren Potter

Angela Galway

Andrea Dedik

Emma Jade

Rachel Dean

Tanya McSwan

Sandra Moffatt

 (Keep reading, you will see the entire magazine really soon)

Would you like to be apart of our next issue?

Pending all goes well with this issue, we will be bringing to you a Newborn Issue mid year. so start compiling your images and submit, high res, un-watermark (you MUST hold a model release allowing images to be used for advertising, and print production worldwide). HERE

By submitting photographs, you understand that you will not be paid for your images.

We are also seeking editorials, please feel free to write up education pieces of 200-600 words. You will be credited with Belly Baby Wear Dollars for editorial submission between ($50 - $200). Please provide photographs to go with your story.

Not a newborn photographer? Not a problem, you can submit your images and editorial to our next Maternity issue, submissions close 31 September 2020. BUT, it will only continue, if we sell 100 of the current issue. SO PLEASE RESERVE YOUR COPY TODAY, HERE

You made it! Here is your look inside the ENTIRE magazine!

Please help spread the word, and forward this post to your photographer friends. Much appreciation in advance.

Natalie Grounds

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