Absolutely everything newborn photography with Ana Brandt, California USA

Absolutely everything newborn photography with Ana Brandt, California USA

You’ll absolutely love this BONUS lesson with the incredible Ana Brandt from the USA. 

There are so many facets to newborn photography. If you are considering taking up the genre or want to take a look behind the scenes during a session with one of the world’s most revered teachers, this video is for you!

Is there anything Ana Brandt doesn’t know about photographing newborns? It doesn’t seem like the case. She certainly is a wealth of knowledge! This lesson is absolutely jam packed with tips, tricks, strategies, posing ideas and more.

There is so much to love about everything Ana works through during this lesson. She is a practical and efficient photographer who takes stunning images while focusing on what works best for baby. It’s all about getting the most from your session without having to disturb your little model. She is an expert at making subtle changes to her setups to create completely new imagery. 

Organisation is key! Ana will talk you through how to best prepare for your session so that you can limit the number of times you move your baby. And to be best prepared to do this, there are a few crucial topics Ana discusses in detail …


It’s all about keeping that baby snug and secure. Preparing your model in multiple wrap layers and outfits so that it’s easy to work through different colours and setup changes quickly and calmly. Not only will she talk you through the perfect swaddle wrap step by step, but she talks through her favourite types of wraps and where to get them. It’s incredible to see just how many setups she can create when baby is wrapped and happy.


Get organised with your props! Ana discusses her absolute favourites and explains how to use them including what to use in each item to help settle baby in the position you desire. She talks through the best sizes to search for and what she absolutely cannot leave home without! Ana is a huge supporter of industry prop vendors and goes into detail about where each item can be ordered.

This video is taken from a live recording which gives you a non-stop window into the real life timing of Ana Brandt’s newborn session. Transitional posing is certainly Ana’s strength and her ability to think on her feet and adjust her plan to go with the flow of the session is inspiring. There is a lot to learn from Ana’s ability to adapt during her session while still working through a variety of setups in a short period of time.


Looking for advice when it comes to the technical side of newborn photography? Ana has it covered too, of course, working through the following topics in detail:


Studio lighting. How to. Where to. Why to and more. Her explanation of umbrella sizes and brand recommendations is a great help!


Camera settings. Think white balance, kelvin (image temperature), shutter speed, aperture and more.

Are you a travelling photographer? Ana spent many years visiting her clients in home and has some great advice for those of you who work away from the studio. Want to know exactly what props and equipment Ana would take with her? Tune in and you’ll find out all about it.

Ana speaks openly about her life as a busy business owner and mother. She is honest and candid about how her business has adapted over time, often in response to her commitments as a parent. It’s refreshing to hear about her beginnings, how her studio has grown as her business has boomed and how she manages her busy schedule.

Get in and get out – is Ana’s advice. Get organised, get the shot and work through your session efficiently. Knowledge is power so learn all that you can, online and in person. It really is a great session!


This bonus lesson also includes a comprehensive parent posing PDF and a quick video about posing mum lying on the floor with baby cradled in her arms. There really is so much to learn!

This lesson is available to learn from immediately in the Mastery Members portal for yearly members only.

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