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Natalie Grounds

Filled with inspiration and education for our Australian photographers by Australian photographers

Belly Baby Wear Australia's The Australian Photographers Magazine is the first magazine covering those who are starting out in photography. To those who are working at a professional level in their photography business, who are directly in the Maternity, Newborn and early life genre's.

Each reader is seeking ways to improve their business in ways of use of equipment, props, gowns, editing, printing outlets, training and all round business operations.Which means that your advertisement is 100% reaching those who are seeking it at the present time. Each reader is a potential customer for your business.

Belly Baby Wear Australia - The Magazine, is more than just a magazine. Not only is the magazine printed in the highest quality available for a magazine. It is showcasing our Australian photographers, giving them the chance to shine, to be published. Rejoicing in their success fullness of image creation and educational knowledge. It gives the contributors a place to be seen, not only to show their potential clients that they have been published, but to be recognized among their peers.


Published by Belly Baby Wear Australia and printed by Momento Pro. Belly Baby Wear Australia's, The Australian photographers magazine, is filled with pure Australian goodness for photographers to be inspired and be educated.

Belly Baby Wear is founded by Ana Brandt. Ana is from Tustin California, and is the designer of the gowns which Belly Baby Wear Australia has available for photographers and their clients to purchase or rent. Ana Brandt opened her business to a dealership program in 2017, Natalie Grounds (Operator of Belly Baby Wear Australia) joined Ana's team in May 2017. For the past few years, Natalie has connected with local Aussie photographers, building a following and connection in the maternity and newborn genre.

Belly Baby Wear Australia, The Australian Photographers Magazine, provides Australian businesses with the most targeted and cost-effective advertising available.

Delve into the stylish, thick,matt pages of inspirational images and educational content and you will discover that this is exactly what our Australian photographers are after. All of our readers are wanting to expand their business and if you are there, in front of them, in the pages of all this goodness, they will come straight to you first.

We start off with 100 print run, with the possibility of a second print run.

Are you a Vendor, or can provide our Australian photographers with a service to help their business grow?

I invite you to be a part of our forthcoming issues

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