Become a BBWA Brand Rep


For those who love Belly Baby Wear gowns, and want to share their love for their gowns to all of Australia.

Apply to become  a brand rep for Belly Baby Wear Australia.

*Conditions apply.


What are the conditions, you may be wondering?

Our new Brand Rep program will run for three months per rep.

You can apply for one out of the three brand rep options.


  1.  DISCOUNT BRAND REP: Receive 10% off for the duration of the three months rep program. In In return, you agree to supply 5 different styled images of each gown purchased within the three month term, and share a short video of you using the gowns during a session on our Belly Baby Wear VIP Group page and mastery members page.
  2. RENTAL BRAND REP: Receive 3 rental gowns to use for the duration of one month. These gowns will be from our rental collection, and must be returned after 30 days of receiving the gowns. In In return, you agree to supply 5 different styled images of each gown received within the 30 day term, and share a short video on our Belly Baby Wear (VIP Group) and mastery members facebook page of you using the gowns during a session.
  3. PURCHASE - FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHER Purchase your choice of favorite gowns from (Purchases to be made online in our BBWA store only ) Once you have spent over $3,000 in our Australian dealer store, you can apply to be a FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHER. This includes a videographer coming TO YOU to film and interview you in action during a model call. Please understand that not all areas will be able to do this, as I need to send a videographer out to you (If I can not get there myself, As I am planning on attending Natarsha March's video + Photography workshop in May to learn how to film these featured photographer spots! Come join me).


    • You get to try and play with beautiful gowns, and share your genuine love for Belly Baby Wear gowns.  
    • Save on the gowns you love and must have in your collection.
    • showing your clients you are a BRAND REP. This will enhance your business.
    • Opportunity to have an amazing video recorded of you in action!
    • YOU are guaranteed to have your images appear in our 2021 The Australian Photographers Maternity Issue Magazine!


Please understand that if you apply to become a brand rep, it does NOT guarantee that your submission will be successful. 


As this is a new program, created just this afternoon.. like 30mins ago. (yep the brain works fast), I remain the right to change or alter any part of this program at any time, until your contract is signed.


Brand Rep submissions are currently open to MASTERY MEMBERS only.

Another amazing reason why you should join us!


Join us before the end of February to come in and lock your renewal price in at the lowest price it will ever be.

Price will rise on the 1st February 2020.

There is already hours and hours of education awaiting for you right now!



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