Couples Maternity Posing with Emma Baker

Couples Maternity Posing with Emma Baker

Taking beautiful photos of an expectant mother to be is easy! Pregnant mothers are naturally glowing and beautiful and the experience of photographing her and her growing baby is always a joyous and special occasion. But things can get a tiny bit more complicated when your model’s partner joins the session! If posing couples has you a little nervous, fear not because Emma Baker from Aurora Joy Photography in Romsey Victoria is here to teach you everything you need to know!

Posing with partners is certainly a different art to posing individual models – particularly when there is a baby bump involved. You’ll love watching Emma as she takes her models outside for this beautiful session. She certainly has a way of making her models feel comfortable and bring out the best in everyone involved!

There’s a few absolute must do’s that Emma discusses in her teaching. 

Use the right angles to hide those double chins (crucial!)

Work from the model’s most flattering angles 

Use small adjustments to gather a variety of images without having to move your models too often

Learn how to crop your images for variety and composition success!

So how do you take a nice couple photo when there is a 32 week baby bump in the middle? Well, it can be done … and Emma will show you how. There are lots of different ways that you can pose dads and partners so that everyone is still positioned on the same plane (important for your focus!) but not falling all over each other or leaning in awkwardly. After all, that bump is the star of the show so it’s best you learn how to feature it in your imagery!

While angles and lighting is important, capturing the connection between your couple is absolutely your most crucial job! Even an imperfect pose is forgiven when there is a gorgeous moment photographed between two people who love each other. Emma is a master at engaging her clients and helping them have fun at their session. It’s great to learn certain cues as well – little things you can say or do that encourage your clients to interact with each other and not the camera! It’s those gorgeous candid moments captured that they will look back on and adore! As Emma describes it, “real love and stuff.” Haha! Listen out for that quote in your video.

You’ll take away a lot of clever ideas from Emma’s video, particularly when it comes to framing that baby belly in your images. Subtle things like using hands, fabric, arms and angles will help you make mum (and baby!) look amazing.

What about images with a bit of drama! No, not the emotional type … but of the photographic kind! Add a fancy dress, a few clever angles, a hair flick here and WOW! You can go from cute to stop shopper with just a few changes. Of course, there are so many gorgeous gowns on display during this video … you’ll love seeing them all in action!

It can get hard to come up with enough variety from a maternity session so take note of Emma’s instructions when it comes to crops and angles so that you can get a huge range of images from the one setup.

Don’t be afraid to get those dads and partners involved. Your mum to be is going to love these images and you will too!

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