Create show stopping maternity imagery with fabric and Photoshop magic by Deb Muir Photography

Create show stopping maternity imagery with fabric and Photoshop magic by Deb Muir Photography

Have you ever wondered how your favourite maternity photographer captures those incredible fabric toss images? You know the ones … the ‘butterfly effect’ with fabric blowing in all directions? It’s a little bit of fabric tossing talent, yes, but a whole lot of Photoshop magic as well of course! Login to this lesson with Deb Muir Photography as she works through an entire edit from beginning to end in real time with step by step instruction to create an image just like this.

It all begins with your original images … and these final works of art require quite a few frames of fabric from all directions to get the desired effect. It’s helpful to see exactly what you’ll need to capture in your next maternity session to be able to create a dramatic maternity image like Deb’s. You can also take a peek at her background setup and lighting for inspiration!

First up she runs us through her image selections and shows her initial Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) alterations including exposure adjustments and tweaks to highlights and shadows. Understanding these basic changes before you begin more detailed editing will really make a world of difference to your final images!

From there it’s into Photoshop and you can follow her procedure layering fabric from multiple images. There are lots of tips and tricks to follow to help you along the way and improve the dramatic look of this kind of image. From liquefying and stretching fabric, cropping and transforming to enhance the width and height of your original images.

Creating the fabric look is just the first part of the process, because next up is the background. It’s great to see the behind-the-scenes setup from this session straight out of camera which will certainly help you prepare for your next session! For this image, you’ll see Deb’s techniques to effectively extend and paint in a solid black background using a wide variety of techniques including levels, shadows, masking and transforming layers.

When the layering magic is done, it’s all about the final touches to perfect the image. Some basic colour adjustments to skin tones, sharpening and highlights. It’s also great to watch Deb’s black and white conversion technique and to see the difference between this and the full colour version of this image.

This lesson is a fantastic, step by step procedure into the creation of professional creative portraiture that will take your maternity imagery to the next level. It’s amazing how you can work with the fabric of Belly Baby Wear pieces such as this Fanciful Mama Gown to capture such stunning movement and emotion. Deb’s final images truly are a piece of art and will be a show stopper in your portfolio!

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