Creek maternity with Connie Lawson

Creek maternity with Connie Lawson

Connie Lawson from Connie’s Magic Moments on the Gold Coast is certainly well known for her stunning maternity imagery. This lesson takes you outside with Connie for a sunset maternity session featuring both couples posing and individual mum poses. With just a few tricks and a beautiful location, you can take some absolutely stunning pregnancy images for your clients and learning from Connie is a great place to start.

Connie speaks a lot about the locations that she shoots at and why she chooses a certain environment for her sessions. The creek that she takes her clients to is perfect. Not too far for her pregnant clients to walk from the car park, sun setting in the right position, reflective water, grassy areas, flowers, rocks and so many other options. It’s so important to remember how tired and uncomfortable your maternity clients can get and by being able to cover off a number of different looks in one location makes the whole experience a lot easier for them.

So what should you take in your emergency kit to every maternity session? Connie talks you through everything that she has on hand from lip gloss to bug spray and of course, her gear which she discusses in detail. Connie does explain her camera settings in each image and you can see in her final edits exactly how she exposed each photograph.

It’s great watching this session and learning how Connie deals with the changing light. On a slightly overcast day with an impending storm but just enough light popping through the clouds, Connie can still capture all the images she needs in a short period of time. She does detail exactly how she edits in postproduction using images that have been exposed for the sky and the model separately to get that gorgeous sun flare look without blowing out her background.

Connie’s greatest strength is how she works with her clients to make them feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoyed the session. When it comes to couples posing, it’s important to be able to direct your clients clearly while also ensuring that they have the right connection, touch, and energy to create images that are truly beautiful. It’s fantastic watching Connie in this video and you’ll pick up a lot of tips in regards to her communication techniques and hand gestures that helps to demystify the process for her clients.

When you’re working with a maternity client, it’s best to get them into position and then for you the photographer to move to get all of the different angles that you need. Connie shoots with prime lenses and it’s great to see how many different types of shots she can get from the one pose without her models needing to move at all.

Maternity photography often requires a few subtle changes and you’ll see how Connie makes adjustments to dresses, hair, hand placement, how her clients are looking at each other and more to create different images. It’s all about getting a large variety of shots from the one short session that your clients will adore.

This module also includes how to prepare your clients, what options Connie gives them in regards to locations, outfits and more and a detailed PDF on how to pose for perfect pictures.

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