Family Newborn Editing with Emma Baker

Family Newborn Editing with Emma Baker

Nailing that traditional family pose at a newborn session is absolutely crucial! Every parent wants a gorgeous photo of their new baby with their partner and getting it right in camera takes a lot of practice. But what about the editing? Making sure that your image looks picture perfect is an equally as important part of the process – because you can be sure that this photo is going up on the wall of their family living room! No pressure right?!

Never fear, because Emma Baker from Aurora Joy Photography is here to share her newborn family editing tips that will help you take your image from drab to fab!

First up, she goes through the basics with you. The posing part. If you’ve never tried this version of a newborn with family image, you’ll love these tips! It’s all about creating those flattering triangles in your images. Don’t forget about connection! Hand placement. Lighting. How to hold baby. It’s all covered. Because when you start with a great image, the editing part just flows.

If you’re still editing every single part of your image by hand, you’re amazing, but also probably taking forever to complete your galleries. Actions are what you need and Emma talks through her favourites on the market that will help speed up your edit and take the guesswork out of some of the trickier areas.

It’s not just about baby of course. When it comes to skin fix ups, the parents often need a bit of work too! Fly aways. Beards. Wrinkles and blemishes. There is a way to – and a way not to – edit parents and Emma has all of the info! It’s that fine balance between plastic fantastic and juuuuuuust right. If you’re new to layer masking, you’ll be glad you found this video!

What do you do when your image is too cool? Emma goes through her tips for warming up an image. But hang on, got too many reds going on? Don’t worry, there’s an answer for everything in this video! Yellow teeth? Solved. Thanks Emma!

There is definitely a subtle art to family photo editing with a newborn. It’s all about adding softness without losing the detail. Making the parents (and baby!) look their best without it looking fake. There are lots of ways to do this and you’ll love the final look!

If you’ve been having trouble with banding on your painted back drop overlays, Emma has a quick fix that you’ll love too! Follow her steps to prepare your image for print and you’ll have a very happy family printing their photo of a very large canvas before you know it!

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