Froggy pose editing tips and tricks with Deb Muir Photography

Froggy pose editing tips and tricks with Deb Muir Photography

Froggy pose! It’s a popular addition to any newborn photography gallery that parents seriously adore! Pulling off the perfect froggy pose is no easy task and there is a lot of education involved in posing babies in this way. It’s so important to consider baby’s safety at all times and to understand that the best way to create this image isn’t in-camera, but in Photoshop!

To make sure that your little model is comfortable and safe during their session, froggy pose is taken using two images that are then merged in post production. This kind of image is a called a composite. Babies are NEVER left unsupported during this pose – the photographer or parent’s hands will always be holding one area of the little model in position at all times.

In this video you will watch the incredible Deb Muir Photography working through the post production edit of a froggy pose using two images. It is quite a slow and detailed process and you will appreciate watching Deb take you step by step through this composite so that you can pause at any time and practice each element.

Deb starts the process in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) and explains how to get your images right from the very beginning so that you are working with two captures that are similar in light, tone and exposure.

Replacing the hands of the support assistant is the trickiest part of this edit and Deb works slowly and methodically through this section for you so that you get a detailed explanation of how it is best executed. Using layer masks and understanding how to avoid distortion is crucial!

Deb gives away lots of tips and tricks to help streamline the process and reminds you what to look out for when you are head swapping, lining up baby’s features and removing unwanted areas of the image.

Next, it’s time to clean up baby’s skin with some simple editing tools! If you’ve ever wanted to know more about frequency separation to help with blotched or pimply skin, here’s your answer! She also works through skin colour adjustment, blanket fixes and how to add a beautiful vignette to finish the image in style. 

Learn the art of froggy editing with Deb Muir and add this gorgeous image to your repertoire!

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