How to get the most from a newborn mini session with Deb Muir Photography

How to get the most from a newborn mini session with Deb Muir Photography

It’s a fly on the wall experience with Deb Muir during this lesson as we get to watch a newborn mini session from beginning to end. What a great way to see behind the scenes in another photographer’s studio and gain a full understanding of what a day in the life of a newborn photographer really looks like.

Deb runs a 1 hour mini session with a 6 day old newborn, 2 siblings and both parents and works step by step through her workflow, settings, styling and more LIVE with our Facebook audience. She takes the time to show her back of camera shots, discusses camera settings and answers questions all the while managing this family of 5 in just over an hour.

For those of you who are interested in offering fully-wrapped-baby mini sessions, this video really is a must watch! Deb starts her session with wrapping techniques and transitions the baby through a number of family and prop setups to create a gorgeous gallery.

During the session she touches on a number of topics including:

Lighting brands, settings and positions

Prop suppliers and vendor recommendations

How to setup your studio for easy transitions in a 1 hour session

Safety using props and wrapping

Deb works through a number of sibling poses during this mini session and shows how she builds rapport with older children and prepares setups so that they are comfortable and safe to be photographed with their newborn baby. She gives us a number of different sibling shot options in a very short period of time including those on the flokati rug or in props.

Backlighting is an important part of her family imagery and Deb shows us exactly how she gets those gorgeous, glowing, dreamy images of mum and dad with baby. She talks us through her backdrop options, suppliers and setup details.

What’s most amazing to watch during this session are her quick transitions and workflow as she zips through a huge number of setups in the 1 hour period. Watch how she makes just small adjustments to props, colours, angles and fabrics to create completely different images. There is a lot to learn about padding your gallery with a number of images from the same setup –  all taken with just a small change to your composition, lighting or perspective in camera.

Deb shoots this entire session with baby’s nappy left ON! She shows how her multi-layer wrapping technique at the beginning of the session allows her to create so many different looks without unsettling baby – crucial during a mini session for newborns! She knows exactly what kinds of images parents want from her and shoots to sell!

If you are after details about camera settings – ISO, shutter speed, aperture, lighting etc – Deb stops after each setup, shows her SOOC (straight out of camera) images and discusses all of the changes made to achieve each look.

You’ll love Deb’s fun and easy going approach with her clients and the banter between her and her son who just happens to be the cameraman in this lesson. There are lots of laughs and learnings to be had!

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