How to use digital backdrops to save your session with Family Photography by Natarsha March

How to use digital backdrops to save your session with Family Photography by Natarsha March

It can be a challenge to shoot with enough variety to fill a gallery in every newborn session. Things don’t always go to plan. Fussy babies. Parents running late. Cluster feeding days when baby spends more time with mum than with you.

There are really just three options that you can take when you’re faced with a session like this.

1. Call it a day. Work with what you’ve got and put together a gorgeous gallery of images that represents the reality of the session.

2. Commit to the cause and settle in for a 5 hour marathon. It’s certainly been done before. Patience is the name of the game and with enough persistence, you’ll get what you need.


3. Get smart!

Sounds easy right? Well it is … and our Mastery Members educator Natarsha from Family Photography by Natarsha March is here to show you how!

What do you know about digital backdrops?

Or shooting with the Perfect Posie posing beanbag?

If you have wanted to find out about how to integrate digital backdrops into your newborn sessions, you are going to love this hands on video that Natarsha has put together for you. It’s all about saving time and money using items that you already have around the studio. We love a bit of Photoshop trickery that makes our lives easier and so will you!

Natarsha will walk you through a step-by-step approach to creating your OWN digital backdrops. It’s not as hard as you think and it turns out, working with them in Photoshop is easier than trying to master store bought digitals made by other photographers.

There are some fundamental elements to digital backdrop design that Natarsha explains in detail during this video. Lighting. Oh boy that can make or break your image, particularly when you are photographing your baby and your setup on different days!

Aperture. Camera settings. Just how do you shoot to make sure that your backdrop and your baby are in focus on the same plane? It’s crucial to get this right to ensure that your image looks as realistic as possible and Natarsha will show you exactly how to nail it in camera.

What about styling? It’s easier than you think and you most likely already have everything you need in your studio. It’s wonderful watching Natarsha in this video as she makes small adjustments using fabrics, flowers, wraps and more to create a variety of images that will combine to create a cohesive and creative gallery for your clients.

Have you seen the Perfect Posie in action before?

It’s a wonderful posing tool and watching Natarsha explain how to photograph baby correctly will make a huge impact on the success of your final images. It certainly speeds up your sessions working this way and you’ll love all of the time you can save!

Finally, it’s all about working with perspectives.

You’ll be amazed to watch Natarsha working with a prop the size of her hand and using her skills (and a little bit of Photoshop magic) to create a final piece incorporating baby that is just so cute and clever!


It’s important to remember when working with digital backdrops that baby is always the hero of your image! There’s a lot to think about … colour tones, contrast, brightness and more. But once you have the fundamental skills worked out, you’ll be able to create an image bank of digitals to have on hand for those sessions that just don’t go to plan, or simply to add some wow factor to your final galleries.

It’s a fun and exciting new way to get creative with your photography so get busy and see what you can create!

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