Maternity photography dos and don’ts with Emma Baker

Natalie Grounds

Maternity photography dos and don’ts with Emma Baker

Maternity photography can be many things. Beautiful. Magical. Creative. Classic. Glamorous.

For some, it’s an easy genre to photograph. Most of the time you’re working with adults so immediately things are a little less stressful. It really is much easier when your models are cooperative, isn’t it! But for many, this genre is a little confusing. What exactly can you do with two adults and a baby bump in one session? There are only so many times that you can say look this way and stand here. Look up, look down. It all gets a little repetitive so creating an interesting and varied gallery can prove to be quite the challenge for many.

Getting those basics sorted first is crucial, because when you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of adult posing, you can start to experiment and feel confident knowing that what you are trying will look great. When you follow the recommendations and embrace the dos and don’ts of the genre, things will start to feel more natural and new ideas will come flooding in. That we know for sure!

Tune into this lesson with Emma Baker from Aurora Joy Photography in Melbourne and watch this fly on the wall experience of Emma facilitating a Mastery Members shoot out. With a group of eager photographers by her side, Emma works with 2 models and runs through a variety of maternity poses in a collection of seriously stunning gowns that combine to create a beautiful gallery with lots of different energies and emotions.

Watching Emma’s workflow is one of the most interesting aspects of the session. While some of the core body positions and details are the same in each setup, her ability to make changes in style and mood help to ensure that every look is unique. You’ll be frantically writing down all of her tips and tricks. It’s so important to learn all of the most flattering angles for pregnant mamas and how to intertwine a partner into each of them. There is nothing more awkward than a Tin Man dad standing beside his partner who is relaxed and posed to perfection. Some of the movements are subtle but you’ll see how it all comes together during the video.

Double chins, hand placement, triangles, knees, toes, turn this way, turn that way, chin up, chin down, shoulders back, a little tilt here, a look there. It’s all important. Learning the subtly of these little changes will help you to perfect your maternity posing and ensure that your models look relaxed and natural. 

Emma’s maternity imagery is that of legends (well we think) and you’ll understand what it takes to when you watch her work with her clients and listen to her follow up Q&A session. It’s all of the little things that count and combine to make a huge difference to the client experience and final images. Things like how and when to involve children, why it helps to arrange hair & makeup for your models and how to best sell maternity imagery is all covered in this lesson.

She also talks through some basic business tips like how she runs her studio and what she does to make her working life easier – like outsourcing of course!

You’ll also love looking at all of the incredible gowns used in this session. Wow! Don’t be afraid to go bold. Watch how Emma incorporates some seriously glamorous outfits into some stunning but subtle natural backgrounds to create images that are out of this world amazing! 

If you need help with your camera settings, gear information and other technical bits and bobs, it’s all in there too.

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