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Here is what some of our members have been saying:

" I told hubby I was investing in the best education in Australia for me!
I've felt so inspired and it has already helped me with getting my lighting right, editing and posing". Nina Austin

"For me, I love being part of a community that connects in the real world as well as on-line. I love the regular mini info videos and live crosses, as well as direct communication with some of the leading photographers in Australian newborn, maternity and family photography. The discounts and special offers are awesome too!" Natarsha March


In 2019, we shared some great content:


Extending your backdrop with Deb Muir

Creative editing with with Deb Muir

Editing high key images with Deb Muir

Editing a nude with Emma Baker

Creative editing with Natarsha March

Slim mum with the warp and liquify tool with Victoria Burcusel

How to edit parents in silhouette with Deb Muir



Studio maternity with Emma Baker

Q&A with Connie Lawson

Studio maternity with Victoria Burcusel



Getting started with video in your photography business with Natarsha March

Studio set-up and camera setting for back lighting with Victoria Burcusel

Baby secrets - Pre-recorded LIVE 3 hour video with Ana Brandt



Top 25 family posing with newborns guide by Ana Brandt

Transitional posing guide by Ana Brandt



On location couple maternity posing and mum only posing with Emma Baker

On location couple posing with Connie Lawson

Lifestyle posing with Emma Jade

Live with Deb Muir


This is seriously AMAZING content friends!


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The price will rise to $199 on the 1st January 2020.


The great thing is, that when you sign up, your price is locked in. Subscriptions are renewed on the first day of the following year (manually), so you can choose if you want to continue. No automatic payments coming out of your accounts!


The content is so awesome, I am positive that you'll be happy to continue. So, this means if you renew for 2021, you'll only pay $149 and so on each year following as long as you don't miss a payment.


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