Mix up your maternity imagery with 5 different looks in one lesson with Family Photography by Natarsha March

Mix up your maternity imagery with 5 different looks in one lesson with Family Photography by Natarsha March

Need some help mixing up your maternity imagery? Looking for inspiration for new poses, setups, lighting options or how to use your favourite gowns? You’ll love this lesson with Natarsha March of Family Photography by Natarsha March in Brisbane QLD as she works through 5 different styles of maternity photography. 

#1 – Outdoors maternity with the Regal Mama Gown

There’s a whole lot to learn in this beautiful outdoor session. If you’ve ever needed to shoot on an overcast day and are not too sure how to adjust your settings to work with the light available, Natarsha is here to help! She also talks through positioning of her model to achieve the most flattering poses, tips and tricks for neck positions, to avoid double chins and how to create a beautiful profile. It’s all about directing her clients with small adjustments that create big changes in camera! Make sure you tune in to listen to her discuss her lens choices and composition ideas.

#2 – Posed in studio maternity with a toddler using the Dahlia Gown

Natarsha works through some gorgeous neutral on neutral images in this session. These matching Mummy and Me looks are a popular idea for maternity sessions with older siblings and you’ll love seeing Natarsha at work directing her clients. It’s another overcast day so there is lots of discussion about how to adjust your settings to work with the weather. Natural light, jinbei boosts, scrims and more.

#3 – Lifestyle in studio maternity with a toddler using the Lolita Gown

If you’ve been thinking about incorporating lifestyle maternity imagery into your galleries, you’ll love watching Natarsha working with her models to achieve a more relaxed, candid feel in this session. It’s a whole different experience directing clients to capture lifestyle moments compared to posed portraiture so learning how to communicate with your clients is key! Natarsha also talks through how to use your studio wall and seating to create gorgeous images and throws in a few tips and tricks to keep those toddlers cooperating too!

#4 – High Key strong contrast imagery in studio with the Mariana Gown

If you love light and bright images, you’ll adore these high key setups that Natarsha works through in her session! It’s all about strong contrast and a whole lot of light. Watch as she sets up her space and adjusts her camera settings and available lights to create an image that truly glows! Don’t have a big space to capture expansive back drops and floor to ceiling curtains? Either does Natarsha! But she has a few tricks up her sleeve to help create those looks in post production that you’ll love!

#5 – Low Key darker imagery in studio

Wanting to create something a little more moody and mysterious? Low key images on a darker set are the best way to achieve it and Natarsha works through this process with you from beginning to end. It’s all about getting the light right and avoiding ghoul or flat lighting. It’s so important to capture those shadows and depth in your photos so watch as Natarsha explains how to achieve this while also detailing the difference between low key and under exposed imagery.


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