Stand out from the rest

Have you ever wanted to stand out from the crowd?

Offer a unique service that other's aren't!

In this day and age, there are so many photographers out there, It sometimes feels impossible to stand out from the crowd... does this sound like a familiar feeling? .....well, keep reading.

Here is an idea, that you can add to your business. A little something extra special that you can offer your clients, that not all studios are doing.

What is that, you might ask?..... Belly Casting!.

This is not only casting mum's baby bump for her to keep as a keepsake. BUT you can use the belly casting to pose her newborn baby in when he/she arrives.

This can also turn your maternity booking, into your client also booking their newborn session with you ....... so they can use their belly cast!.

A little nervous, as you don't know how to use a belly cast?

That's not a problem at all, Ana Brandt has you covered in her brand new Belly casting prep and posing course.

Use code: bellycast to get the course for only $69 USD

In Ana's course, she will show you how to cast mum, and how to pose baby in the belly cast plus more. All the things you need to know to get you up and running.

We also are getting the belly casting kits in for our Australian store! We wouldn't leave you hanging, with all the knowledge after learning how to do it, and no products to do it with.

You can pre-order your Belly Casting Kit and additional belly cast supply rolls   at

NOTE: Pre-orders generally take around 6 weeks for delivery.

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