The struggle is real

Natalie Grounds

Learn and be inspired to enhance your photography business

The virus has effected many businesses including the photography field. Many people are choosing to stay in doors and away from crowds, or anyone who they may not know.


So, I want to help you out, and give you an opportunity to learn at home at 30% off for the rest of March 2020.

Use code: learnnow


This deal is so crazy - This is the cheapest the membership has EVER BEEN and EVER WILL BE. So don't miss out! This offer will not be extended. Even if you bribe me with chocolates and flowers! lol



It's time to do something for you


Believe in your business!



Wether you are just beginning your photography journey or already operating at a professional level. Our Australian educators, bring to you learning content to help you move forward in your business.




Included is access to a private group with learning content and videos posted from our educators Connie Lawson, Deb Muir, Emma Baker, Mark Rossetto, Natarsha March and Victoria Burcusel..... Even Ana Brandt will be making appearances!



Two leading education videos are loaded monthly into your learning center. One on the 1st and one on the 15th of the month. Plus there could be bonus pieces throughout the month as well!

Check out our current list and our future line up further down.


Thinking of become a member? 

Here is what one of our members have to say..

What is ready and waiting for you right now


  • Expending your backdrop by Deb Muir
  • Creative editing by Deb Muir
  • Editing high key images with Deb Muir
  • Editing a nude with Emma Baker
  • Creative editing with Natarsha March
  • Slim mum with the warp and liquify tool with Victoria Burcusel
  • How to edit parents in silhouette bu Deb Muir
  • Maternity Art editing with Deb Muir


  • Studio maternity with Emma Baker
  • Q&A with Connie Lawson 
  • Studio maternity with Victoria Burcusel
  • Live studio maternity session with Deb Muir


  • Getting started with video in your photography business with Natarsha March
  • Studio set-up and camera settings for back lighting with Victoria Burcusel
  • Adding video to your sessions - Natarsha takes you through Step by step to record and edit your first product video by Natarsha March
  • Baby secrets - A three hour pre-recorded live video with Ana Brandt


  • Top 25 family posing with newborns guide by Ana Brandt PDF

What is coming to Mastery Members in 2020

  • Maternity - An outdoor maternity session with Emma Baker
  • Editing - Live maternity editing using a window digital with Victoria Burcusel
  • Business - Mark Rossetto talks about business
  • Getting together - Live Q&A with all our educators
  • Maternity - Studio and outdoor Maternity sessions with Natarsha March
  • Maternity - Summer outdoor maternity session with Connie Lawson
  • Composites - Shooting for digital composites with Victoria Burcusel
  • Newborn - A Newborn session with Natarsha March
  • Business: Sell products that you love and make them look amazing with Emma Baker
  • Maternity: A beach maternity session with Connie Lawson
  • Newborn: Newborn saftey with Deb Muir
  • Newborn: Live mini wrapped newborn session with Deb Muir
  • Studio: Lets talk lighting with Natarsha March
  • Chrsitmas Mini Sessions
  • Family: Cake Smash session - how to style, shoot and sell by Emma Baker
  • Family: Creating a fun session even dad will enjoy by Emma Baker

Plus so much more


So what are you waiting for?

Join us now at this ridiculously low price this month and start learning today! HERE




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