When the birthday boy just isn’t into it with Emma Baker

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When the birthday boy just isn’t into it with Emma Baker

Oh baby, baby! How was I supposed to know … that you’d hate cake so much! Ha ha.

Oh yes, we’ve all been there. Or maybe you’re just starting your cake smash photography journey. It’s easy to presume that the genre is all cupcakes and rainbows after we’ve had a few good sessions but the truth of the matter is that sometimes your little model just won’t be into it. Tears. Tantrums. Zero cake eating. Disappointed parents. Stressed photographers. It’s a mess (and not the type you were hoping to photograph!).

So what DO you do when a cake smash session doesn’t go to plan?

Watch this master class with Emma Baker, an experienced photographer who knows exactly what to do when her session isn’t going smoothly. You’ll be relieved to see that even the pros have tricky days and it will be great to have a toolkit of tips and tricks up your sleeve so that when the time comes, you’ve got it sorted!

Speaking of sleeves, have you ever seen a tattoo parlour themed cake smash? Well, now you have! You’ll seriously love this creative and unique session and Emma will work through it from beginning to end with you.

First up, it’s all about studio setup. Backdrops, tips to help with the mess that is inevitably coming your way, where to find cheap props or how to DIY on a budget to create a look that your client’s will adore.

There’s lots to think about when suggesting a cake design to your prospective clients too. Of course, allergy considerations are top of the list and Emma talks through her suggestions in this area. Then there’s cake size, colour and design. You’ll be SO glad you listened to Emma’s advice here before you end up ordering your next chocolate or red icing cake. Just take a minute to work out why those two colours might not be your best idea …. we’ll wait …. 

There’s more to just cake smash photos at a baby’s first birthday session and Emma will talk you through the best way to upsell your galleries with a mini portrait session at the beginning of the big event. Of course, it’s all about keeping things moving with a one year old in the studio! No mucking around, watch Emma as she works quickly and efficiently creating a gallery that is full of variety and easier to sell.

Then there’s camera gear, angles, different types of shots and more. This is particularly useful to watch from a session that isn’t quite going to plan. It’s easy to take great photos when your model is all smiley and happy. But when there’s tears, just HOW do you fill an entire gallery with photos that your clients will love? Thank goodness Emma has it sorted and is here to help! You can absolutely fake it until you make it.

Emma talks through lots of little circuit breaker ideas, tips and tricks to try and get the session back on track. You’ll be glad to have them in your grab bag the next time your session goes south!

She finishes with a bit of bath tub talk, some general advice on when best to photograph a session like this and how to prepare your parents for the big day. It’s a fantastic lesson on how to deal with the unexpected. Thanks Emma!

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