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Mastery Membership

2020 membership


Believe in your business

Wether you are just beginning your photography journey or already operating at a professional level. Our Australian educators, bring to you learning content to help you move forward in your business.


  • Monthly membership $27p/mth (Access starting 1st May)
  • Yearly Membership $247 p/year as of 1st May 2020
  • Lifetime Membership $447 for as long as the membership program runs for.
You were drawn opening your photography business, because you love to create a memory, capturing love, life and document the lives of those around you... But life has turned is head and has put a stop to creating those many images you would have taken over the past few weeks/month, and we don't know how long this will continue for. Weeks, months?? it is an un-known answer.

So what have you been doing with your time?

Now is the time to build and work on your craft that you and I both know is worth the wait. Don't give up now, don't let your business end because life has thrown us a curve ball.. or has it thrown us time to learn, time to put together all the things you have wanted to do, but failed in having time for!

Now is the time to focus on CONTINUING your craft on the business side. Build on your websites, This is your shop front!, build on your marketing, re-write your client reply emails.. or don't have them yet? then it's time to create them. Learn different ways of talking to your clients, walking through poses, how to shoot from a different perspective, how to edit in the ways you have always wanted to learn how to. Do you desire opening your own studio, but don't know what you need or how to use your lighting? Learn how!.
Re-design your branding to the way you want it, learn it all NOW. get ready to re-launch, before we run out of this extra time we have been given and are sent back behind the cameras and our MYOB entries.

Yes, there are so many coaches and courses out there on how to do it better, how to do it this way and that way, and it is awesome to continue learning your craft through many different educators, and you can tie all of your learning's together, by picking the pieces out that represent you and what you want your brand and business to be. Not only will you be back creating lasting memories and airlumn pieces for your clients, but you will be sharing a piece of yourself in every image. Be proud of what you create. All of those photographs you present to your clients, YOU have created yourself, defining who YOU are and how YOU want your business and YOUR brand to be.

Unfortunately it can be hard talking to our friends and family about our business, some of them just don't get it, and they think this is just a "hobby" and not a business. Feel less alone in a supportive group to connect with other like minded photographers who are in the same position as you are right now, or have been there in the past.

Together with 6 amazing Australian photographers and Ana Brandt from Tustin CA, we bring you Mastery Members. Filled with educational content in the field of Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family and Business.


Included is access to a private group with learning content and videos posted from our educators Connie Lawson, Deb Muir, Emma Baker, Mark Rossetto, Natarsha March and Victoria Burcusel..... Even Ana Brandt will be making appearances!

Two leading education videos are loaded monthly into your learning centre. One on the 1st and one on the 15th of the month. Plus amazing bonus pieces released after 90 days of membership.

Check out our current list and our future line up further down.

 Thinking of become a member? Here is what one of our members have to say..


Joining as a Platinum member?
A WELCOME PACK full of photography and learning goodies will be heading straight to your door!.
Shipping out in early 2021.

Yes, that’s right, an amazing surprise package delivered straight to your door. Full of goodies you will love 💓



As a Platinum member, you also have access to a PDF of Ana Brandt's Transitional Posing Guide with over 150 images and direction Valued at $149 USD delivered in the BONUS area of the 2020 membership.

Choose to attend Mastering Maternity Workshops and receive 10% discount on each workshop booked or even for our yearly Retreat.
Workshops will be mentored by our Australian educators specializing in Maternity, Newborn and Family Photography and can be held in a studio or on location all around Australia.

You will receive discount codes from some amazing Vendors including Belly Baby Wear Australia.

As a Member, you will find out first when workshops are being released as limited seats are available per workshop.

Once your membership year has ended, you can choose to re-new your membership for another 2021. Great news, when you sign up, your membership price is LOCKED IN. You will not be expected to pay any possible price increase, Unless you cancel or skip your renewal payment due date.

If you choose to cancel or not to re-new your membership, you will no longer have access to the private facebook group which gives you direct contact with our educators shall you have any questions for them. 
You DO however, get to keep the videos in your learning centre available to watch and rewatch when you need them.
The membership discount codes from our sponsors are only remain available during the year/s you are a member for. 

Membership runs on a Calendar year and is renewed every January 1st.

For those joining in 2020, you will receive all of 2019 content including the entire 2020 content. All for the cost of 12 months.

COMING MAY 1st is our brand new online learning center! This is where all your learning content will be moved to, come May 1st. But be warned, the price WILL RISE on May 1st, so secure your membership before that date to get access for less!


You don't ever have to re-new. you will stay a member for as long as you wish, or if you the program ends (which ever occurs first)

What is ready waiting for you to jump in and watch


  • Expending your backdrop by Deb Muir
  • Creative editing by Deb Muir
  • Editing high key images with Deb Muir
  • Editing a nude with Emma Baker
  • Creative editing with Natarsha March
  • Slim mum with the warp and liquify tool with Victoria Burcusel
  • How to edit parents in silhouette bu Deb Muir
  • Maternity Art editing with Deb Muir


  • Studio maternity with Emma Baker
  • Q&A with Connie Lawson
  • Studio maternity with Victoria Burcusel
  • Live studio maternity session with Deb Muir


  • Getting started with video in your photography business with Natarsha March
  • Studio set-up and camera settings for back lighting with Victoria Burcusel
  • Adding video to your sessions - Natarsha takes you through Step by step to record and edit your first product video by Natarsha March
  • Baby secrets - A three hour pre-recorded live video with Ana Brandt


  • Top 25 family posing with newborns guide by Ana Brandt PDF


What is coming to Mastery Members in 2020

  • Maternity - An outdoor maternity session with Emma Baker
  • Editing - Live maternity editing using a window digital with Victoria Burcusel
  • Business - Mark Rossetto talks about business
  • Getting together - Live Q&A with all our educators
  • Maternity - Studio and outdoor Maternity sessions with Natarsha March
  • Maternity - Summer outdoor maternity session with Connie Lawson
  • Composites - Shooting for digital composites with Victoria Burcusel
  • Newborn - A Newborn session with Natarsha March
  • Business: Sell products that you love and make them look amazing with Emma Baker
  • Maternity: A beach maternity session with Connie Lawson
  • Newborn: Newborn saftey with Deb Muir
  • Newborn: Live mini wrapped newborn session with Deb Muir
  • Studio: Lets talk lighting with Natarsha March
  • Chrsitmas Mini Sessions
  • Family: Cake Smash session - how to style, shoot and sell by Emma Baker
  • Family: Creating a fun session even dad will enjoy by Emma Baker

Plus so much more

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