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RENTAL - 6 Mystery Rentals over 6 months

Belly Baby Wear

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RENTAL -  6 Mystery Rentals over 6 months

Want more variety for your clients But can't afford to buy more than a few maternity gowns?

Join our 6 month Mystery Box Rental Program.

This selection is for 6 Maternity gown rentals

One Mystery Gown delivered to you per month

These gowns can be any gown in the maternity range.

(Sent in size Average 10-14)


Maternity Gown Rental Program choices

A taste of Belly Baby Wear Rental is $240 gives you up to 3 months
Gotta Love Belly Baby Wear is $450 for 6 months
Must have it all is $800 for 12 months

Each rental period lasts for 21 days.

The following months gown will not be posted to you until the previous months gown is returned.
Gowns will be posted to you on the 1st of the Month.

Gowns must be sent back via the post with the supplied return envelope by 5pm of the day after your 21 day rental agreement.
LATE FEES OF $20 per gown per day will apply if not returned on time
FOR MATERNITY GOWNS: If you use the gown in water or it gets dirty.You are require to gently hand wash gown immediately after use. DO NOT leave wet gowns in bags.
If the gown is returned damaged, you will loose all of or part of your bond.
If Gowns are used in a bush land setting, studio or where they do not get wet or muddy, you are not required to wash them. I will take care of the cleaning for you.

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