1st Issue Belly Baby Box - Maternity Collection

Belly Baby Wear

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Belly Baby Box: Maternity Collection

We have ONE box available from the first edition
includes Destiny Gown, Mama Mesh Wrap and a necklace

Gown will ship Average size.

This is a great way to build your maternity collection! Newborn accessories and clothing will be relevant to current trends, colors, styles and season.

This is a SURPRISE box, so you wont know what will arrive. ( this boxes contents is however listed above as it is a past box)
Products can not be refunded or exchanged.
All Items are chosen by Ana and her team from Tustin CA. Belly Baby Wear Australia has no say over what items are included in these boxes.
The Destiny Gown with necklace photo by Deb Muir Photography
Destiny Gown Photo by Ana Brandt

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