Pre-order 10 piece Newborn Posing System

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Pre-order 10 piece Newborn Posing System

Pre-order 10 piece Newborn Posing System 

All new is our newborn posing system which come filled and ready to go.

Entire set comes with

Triplet poser

Twin Poser

5 newborn posers

2 head support posers

Newborn weighted blanket

Once upon a time we sold posing beans but they were slippery and hard to make with tiny beads. So Ana Brandt and her team stopped making them.

Ana got tired of having nothing for twins and triplets so she made the larger ones about 6 months ago just for her to use. Then she realised that she should make an inexpensive version of our bambina. Then Ana wanted a small weighted blanket to replace her hand during newborn shoots where they need something heavier on them to calm them down.

So now, here we have it 6-9-10 months later the whole set. For now just the whole set is available and when There becomes time, we can make these individually available. They are the perfect size because Ana uses them all the time.

And of course they will all come in a cute bag.

ALLOW 6-8 weeks for pre-orders 

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